Aerated autoclaved concrete gasifier

– to develop a gassing paste with a controlled delay in gas release for use in the production of autoclaved aerated concrete (ААС), to patent the development

– the additive should provide the possibility of introduction directly during the main technical process; the additive should not reduce the amount of gas evolution below the threshold value; availability of foreign patents.

– an analysis of the literature was carried out, various classes of chemical compounds were proposed and tested, the composition of the additive was adapted for production, a patent application was filed and approved




– Garshev Alexey Viktorovich (RU)
– Evdokimov Pavel Vladimirovich (RU)
– Egorov Alexander Vladimirovich (RU)
– Kozlov Daniil Andreevich (RU)
– Mikhailov Ivan Yurievich (RU)
– Petrov Alexander Kirillovich (RU)
– Sergey Polyakov Vitalievich (RU)
– Valery Putlyaev Ivanovich (RU)
– Savin Vladimir Ivanovich (RU)
– Tikhonov Andrey Alexandrovich (RU)
– Artem Chetvertukhin Vyacheslavovich (RU)
– Sharipova Margarita Ilgizovna (RU)